Warli Paintings 

Maharashtra is known for its Warli folk paintings. Warli is the name of the largest tribe found on the northern outskirts of Mumbai, in Western India. Despite being in such close proximity of the largest metropolis in India, Warli tribesmen shun all influences of modern urbanization. Warli art was first discovered in the early seventies. Warli is the vivid expression of daily and social events of the Warli tribe of Maharashtra, used by them to embellish the walls of village houses. This was the only means of transmitting folklore to a populace not acquainted with the written word.

These paintings do not depict mythological characters or images of deities, but depict social life. Images of human beings and animals, along with scenes from daily life are created in a loose rhythmic pattern. These tribal paintings of Maharashtra are traditionally done in the homes of the Warlis. Painted white on mud as base color, they are pretty close to pre-historic cave paintings in execution and usually depict scenes of human figures engaged in activities like hunting, dancing, sowing and harvesting.

In Warli paintings it is rare to see a straight line. A series of dots and dashes make one line. The artists have recently started to draw straight lines in their paintings. Today, paintings are done on cloth that brings out the vast and magical world of the Warlis. For the Warlis, tradition is still adhered to but at the same time new ideas have been allowed to seep in which helps them face new challenges from the market.

In our section, you will find some very expressive warli paintings, both framed and unframed. Hand them upon those wall hooks and let the depicted happiness spread around your home or office!

  • ₹ 650.00

    This beautiful painting depicting dance celebrations at the time of harvest is something sure to be stared at and conversation starter! You can frame it and place it on a wall in your living room, kitchen, or even your working place. Its imaginative and ingenious theme will attract its onlookers and will also prove to be a charming showpiece for any wall.

  • ₹ 585.00

    This painting depicts a merry folk celebrating to the tune of the traditional instrument. It will definitely accentuate the beauty of your walls. Highly skilled artisans have put in their greatest devotion to render an excellent and beautiful painting for you! Frame it up and fill up the empty space on your walls or gift it on any special occasion such as...

  • Check out this creative painting depicting Warli culture. Frame it up and it will surely spruce up the interiors of your living room to grab attention and showcase your love for traditional beauty. This lovely painting will complement your home interior décor effortlessly. Compliments will come for sure from the guests. Besides, it serves as a great gift...

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  • ₹ 1,190.00

    Bring in a traditional twist to your décor with this Warli painting décor. The painting depicts the typical Warli lifestyle. Trendy and striking the perfect balance between contemporary and traditional style, this painting is the perfect addition to your home décor. The framed picture gives it a simple yet beautiful look and uplifts the beauty of your...

  • ₹ 1,190.00

    A beautiful addition to your home or office collection, this beautiful painting depicts the Warli style of worship. Its uniqueness will not fail to catch your guests’ eyes! The stunning masterpiece is painted by tribal artisans and makes for a beautiful acquisition for displaying at home or work. It also makes a great gift piece for birthdays, anniversary...