Natural Perfume Powder 

A soothing and divine body fragrance is everyone’s wish. To discover one such fragrance is bliss, A fragrance be part of you, refresh the world around you, bring smiles to your dears, a sense of comfort, vitalized mood and charisma in every moment of your life.

What more you need if it is gifted with qualities of safety, pleasant, simple and all the more important Natural?? That one product comes from the South Indian tribal's hill land known for fragrance and aroma. These tribal's hill are an extension of the Eastern Ghats spread across parts of Tiruvannamalai district in the northern part of the state of Tamil Nadu in southeastern India.

A traditional & naturally blended handmade fragrance used for more than 1,000s of years in ancient South India. This ancient product was considered as a product of Royals which was used by the Kings, Nobles and Priests formulated by mixing sandalwood with picked collection of flowers, herbs and spices.

This formulated fragrance evokes mental harmony which makes our aura more effective during work or even during sleep and thus is a strong aphrodisiac as mentioned in many ancient literatures of India.

Ingredient List: Sandal Powder, Sandal Oil, Floral Extracts, Herb Extracts, Spice Extracts and Natural Aroma Oils. 

Experience our 100% safe, natural, handmade body fragrances in powder form! MOQ [Minimum Order Quantity] can be mixed order with our other fragrance products.

  • With a perfect blend of nature gifted Sandal Oil, Sandal Powder and Indian ecstatic herbs and floral extracts, this powder is so unique to fill your hearts with joy and romance. This hand blended natural perfume being in powder form, very easy to apply and will not give any suffocation as sprays. With its divine and spiritual fragrance it gives mental...

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