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  • Clay Crafts
    Clay Crafts

    Clay Craft is probably one of India’s oldest arts dating back to well over 10,000 years, and yet has been adapted to suit the requirements of the modern with ethnic touch and taste. Clay is one of the most universal materials known to humans. Clay craft has been called the lyric of handicrafts because of its irresistible and universal appeal. There is a wide range of clay crafts in India. 

    Throughout history traditional Indian artisans have developed the art of forming clay to make objects like diya, diya stands, gift articles, even table tops like pen stands, card holders etc. The most popular clay craft is Ganesha for personal/corporate gifting or as home decor. A very fine quality of clay is selected for making these crafts. 

    The process of making clay crafts involves some simple techniques. The clay is mixed with water and shaped by either hand or wheel and molded into desired objects. The molded objects are the dried, fired and glazed to give these artifacts durability. Clay is made of water and earth. It is formed into different shapes. Different kinds of clay contain different minerals such as silicon or iron dioxide. The kinds of minerals in clay affect how soft or hard it is to work with. The mineral content of clay also affects the temperature level at which it hardens.

    Made by the rural artisans from best quality clay and featuring attractive designs, these handcrafted art forms have an excellent finish. They are sure to make a worthy welcome to your refined home or office shelves and will complement your décor effortlessly.

  • Marble Handicrafts
    Marble Handicrafts

    Marble handicraft items are available in different and attractive designs in various cities of India but handicrafts in Jaipur are rich, cultural and honed through generations of family skills. Jaipur is royal city of Rajasthan and is famous for various marble art and crafts. Marble handicrafts are worldwide famous, for their magnificence and sheer long-lasting shimmer.

    Whether you are decorating your home and office or looking for some exceptional and attractive gifts collection, we have some incomparable and exotic collections in our marble handicrafts section that will catch your interest. Here you can find exotic range of handmade marble handicrafts adorned with Meenakari or embossed with Kundan work. This enhances the beauty of these products and allows you to beautifully decorate your living as well as working areas with something elegant. These decorative marble handicraft items are all crafted by skilled craftsmen with extreme precision and intricately designed to provide an exemplary finish to the artifacts. They are also fully polished to provide a smooth and shiny texture, which adds to the attractiveness of these artifacts.

    Marble handicrafts are any of a wide variety of types of work where useful and decorative objects are made completely by hand or by using only simple tools. Usually the 'Marble Handicraft' this term is applied to traditional techniques of creating marble items. Artifacts of different shapes are very popular among both domestic as well as foreign tourists. You could use these items as a decorative piece for your living or working area and give it an elegant look which will stand out for its beauty. Besides, the stunning pieces of art can also be used for gifting on any occasion.  Uniquely designed, these art pieces are truly unparalleled with any other decorative things.

  • Dhokra Crafts
    Dhokra Crafts

    Exquisite figurines and objects are crafted in the Bastar & Raigarh districts of Chhattisgarh out of bell metal, brass and bronze. Traditionally the Ghadwas of Bastar and Jharas of Raigarh practice the Dhokra art with lost wax technique or hollow casting. ‘Dhokra’ is derived from the ‘Dhokra Damar’ tribe, who traditionally employ the lost wax technique to cast non-ferrous metals. Almost 4,000 years old, one of the earliest examples of this technique is the famous ‘Dancing Girl’ figurine excavated from Mohenjo Daro. Dhokra and Bell Metal are used interchangeably since this metal (an alloy of copper and tin mixed in the ratio 3:1) is commonly used in the process.

    Prominent amongst the tribal arts of India is the Bastar art practiced by the tribals of the Bastar region in India. This distinctive art is known the world over for their unique artifacts usually depicting the rural existence of tribal community, their rustic lifestyles, and country scenes which gives a traditional look to your interiors. These artifacts attracts the attention of art enthusiasts as well as experts the world over and has found eager buyers worldwide.

    The process of carving dhokra craft is quite simple – it basically includes forging and hammering the metal. Using a few tools and a simple furnace of a handful of coals, they twist and bend hot iron into expressive shapes and carve it to produce images of the finest quality and grandeur.  These beautiful artifacts of dhokra can be used to beautifully grace your homes, besides making the perfect gift for any occasion.

    Our collection is directly obtained from the tribal communities and can be distinguished for its creativity, design and exclusiveness that are beyond comparison. You can be assured that you are receiving the finest in hand craftsmanship. 

  • Antique Decor
    Antique Decor

    Antique pieces have been used and cherished as decorative items since a long time. The uniqueness and fascinating appeal of these products is what makes keeping these antique products a matter of great pride! At HandCraft we have some collection of antiques which have been crafted right in the remote villages of India by the rural artisans.  

    Antique collecting has a venerable history dating from the preservation of valued religious objects in antiquity. In addition to having generations' worth of material to draw inspiration from, our antique decor collection is available at very reasonable prices. As antique decor also tends to impart an extra bit of warmth to you by way of nostalgia, what better way is there to prepare for the antique decorations for your festivities? The formation of new memories against a backdrop of old ones provides a level of sentimentality that is hard to beat.

    Add a little zing to your home décor by keeping these artifacts in your living room shelves or simply use them as the most unique gift you could give to your near and dear ones!

  • Stone Handicrafts
    Stone Handicrafts

    Call it the art of the earth or the art of rural and tribal India; stone engraving is a part of India’s exclusive culture which explains its rich cultural past. It has its origins in the Orissa state of India, a place which is rich in stone temples on which beautiful carvings were made. The current stone carving art is derived from these old carving practices. The stones used for this purpose are some of the best quality stones such as soft stone, serpentine stone, pink stone, sand stone and marble stone. Intricate carvings are by the hand using simple tools. It is an organic form of art stunning in its craftsmanship because of its mesmerizing beauty and simplicity. The art has been passed down by from generations to generations and has yet not ceased to exist.

    Soapstone has been used in India for centuries as a medium for carving. The traces of royal fascination for stone are still visible in the intricately carved forts and palaces. Now the focus has shifted to exploring a variety of other stones and articles. Present day craftsmen find small gifts and souvenirs like carved elephants more in demand. The artwork on stone is a combination of carving, inlaying engraving, sculpture and undercut (art of making multi layered decorative items out of one single piece of stone, hollowed from inside). Designs are made by cutting the stone and varying fine patterns on it. In fact, stonecutters and sculptors work hand in hand. The base material of work is marble, soapstone. Use of inexpensive shells instead of semi precious stone make for reasonably priced gift items. At present, this work is limited and enjoys an exclusive foreign demand.

    In our stone engraving section, you can find some really unique arts crafted out of a single stone which has been carved using special tools giving it a very ethnic look. Designed with hands and yet with absolute perfection, these items will showcase your classy choice of art. So marvel your home visitors with these beautiful artifacts as an addition to your collection or gift it simply as a lucky charm!

  • Brass Handicrafts
    Brass Handicrafts

    Brass Engraving is the practice of incising a design onto the brass metal by cutting grooves into it. This art is a practice which has been followed by the Indian artisans since 3000 B.C. The artifacts as mentioned are made from brass and they are extensively decorated with intricate hand engraved designs in typical Indian style.

    India is the largest brassware making country in the world. According to archaeological records, brass was popular in India since the third century BC and most of the handicrafts are made of this metal. Moradabad is famous for flower vases and decorative items. These items are cast through an indigenous method called 'Para' that is precisely a mould casting without joints. Nevertheless the brass handicrafts has put Moradabad on the world map is art metalwork. Moradabad is specially noted for its colored enameling and intricate engravings. In fact they continue to dominate the Indian market for engraved flower vases.

    In this section, we have some great assortment of flower vases made out of brass and carved with striking designs that would make a great addition to any collection besides making it a very distinctive gift. These pretty vases exhibit sheer elegance and will surely fetch you compliments for your ethnic choice!