Vegan Handbags 

Sounds different and attractive right? But you read it right. Our HandCraft store has got Vegan Bags for all those environment conscious people who want to do their bit towards environment.

Made up of environment friendly products, Vegan Bags provided by HandCraft in bulk are made up of cotton, canvas or juco. They are not only environment friendly but also send the right message across of preserving the environment in addition, to being looking wonderful.

At HandCraft, we have got a variety of Vegan Bags including the likes of Cotton Bags, Canvas Bags, Juco Bags and Eco Messenger Bags that are totally eco-friendly and are highly durable. The quality hasn't been compromised when you place an order in bulk and we also offer personalisation options. We take bulk orders for Vegan Bags. How many of you already made up your mind of ordering them? Explore a vast collection of Vegan Bags today by clicking on below category images.

  • Cotton Bags
    Cotton Bags

    HandCraft is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Jute bags in bulk round the globe. But we do have a good share of Cotton Bags in our list as well. Not all Cotton Bags live up to the expectation of the buyers and most of them suffer the issues of durability but that part is completely taken care of by us. We sell the best quality Cotton Bags that you can ever find. These cotton tote bags are soft, classy as well as durable.

    Our Cotton Bags are available in various sizes and with many different designs and graphics on them. They have been designed by a special group of creative professionals and they have put in the utmost effort to make the product an attractive one for one and all. However, if you want to personalise Cotton Bags as per your needs, we are all ears!

     These Cotton Bags are washable as well so you can use it regularly and still it’ll remain as good as new all along. You can buy in bulk quantity for resale purpose or you can simply gift them to your loved ones. You can also fill up these bags and use it as gift bags for them if you wish. Overall these Cotton Bags are really handy and a value for the money you spend on it.

  • Canvas Bags
    Canvas Bags

    If you are looking for Canvas Bags in bulk, your search ends here! HandCraft is the leading manufacturer of Canvas Bags.

    Canvas Bags are really popular these days and when it comes to the bags made by HandCraft then there is absolutely no question about the quality of the bags. These Canvas Bags are really durable and make a good impression on the society.

    The ascension of canvas, after all, was fueled by the totes’ compelling social benefits. Not only is canvas a renewable resource, but the bags are biodegradable and sturdy enough to stand up to years of use. With global warming emerging as an everyday anxiety, designers and consumers alike latched on to the reusable tote as a tangible step they could take to help the environment. Reusing canvas bags could reduce—and eventually eliminate—the billions of plastic bags that are discarded every year.

    Our Canvas Bags also have a huge number of designs and variety of messages to choose from. We entertain bulk orders. You can use it for bulk use, for gifting and the like. These bags are really useful when you need to carry heavy items in moderately large quantities as well.

  • Juco Bags
    Juco Bags

    The name of this bag itself is very classy and sounds cool. This is a special category of the bags made by HandCraft. As the name of the bag suggests, it is made with a blend of Jute and Cotton. These bags make use of 75% jute material as well as 25% cotton and give rise to a wonderful product that almost overcomes most of the troubles of both the materials. The finish of these bags is much better than the plain jute ones with neat edges and a smoother finish. These bags are naturally strong and durable and are made with a new cutting edge in technology. The Juco Bags are multipurpose and have been reported to do pretty well with long term use.

    In short, Juco is a new and exciting material technology combining the strength and natural properties of Jute with the finishing and texture of Cotton fabric. Juco is generally advisable for fashion and retail bags as the hybrid fabric originates from a more complex manufacturing process which means that it is generally more costly to produce compared to other natural materials. Order Juco Bags in bulk today from HandCraft and flaunt an altogether different variety of bags!

    The Juco Bags are the one that makes use of the best qualities of both the fabrics and this is the ultimate bag that is trending these days. A lot of abstract graphics are available for these types of bags and you can gift them in multiple numbers to others and they are sure to love it too. Juco Bags are eco-friendly, natural as well as of high quality and are capable of avoiding some of the faults that are present in the normal jute bags. Place your bulk order today!

  • Eco Messenger Bags
    Eco Messenger Bags

    Looking for Eco Messenger Bags in bulk for whatever reason?

    These are the bags that are most eco-friendly in nature and set forth a message in general. These bags are classy and the design is stylish. There are bags that you can use it for multi-purpose and is good for gifting purpose as well. Order Messenger Bags in bulk on HandCraft. We flaunt easy payments and delivery policy.

    Eco-Messenger Bags give a very classy look. HandCraft gives a new definition to messenger bags in general. They are simply worth the money spent on them. These Messenger Bags are very spacious and useful for regular use. If you are looking for some product that is stylish and yet useful then these Messenger Bags are just the right choice for you. Bags are designed by HandCraft with the utmost care and made it a point that it is useful for one and all. So set the trend, order these Eco-Messenger Bags in bulk.