Unique Bags 

You might have gone all around the market and still haven't found bags that you find unique which fit your unique purpose. Would you be happy if we say your search ends here? Then prepared to be happy! Because at HandCraft, we have Unique Jute Bags which you've always wanted.

Unique Bags are the ones trending now. We have got Unique Jute Bags in a range of varieties. HandCraft sells Unique Bags under two major categories – Fashion Jute Bags and Hand-Painted Jute Bags. We provide unique jute handbags in bulk with us! HandCraft is the leading jute bag exporter and is known for producing quality jute bags which are unique. The fact that we give you the option of personalising bag with whatever you want on them is what makes your bags unique.

What are you still waiting for? Choose the bags as per your requirements, personalise them and order with us in bulk. We will get it prepared and delivered to your doorstep. Check out the exotic collection today by clicking on below category images!

  • Fashion Jute Bags
    Fashion Jute Bags

    Gone are those days of large sized and plum jute bags, now even jute bags have proved to be fashionable and stylish. HandCraft, a leading manufacturer and exporter, has given a new meaning to jute bags and it is the new trending fashion of the society at present. These bags are designed specifically for the purpose of fashion. The prints and everything on our Fashion Jute Bags is abstract and look really gorgeous.

    HandCraft has made it a point that these bags can go with all kinds of attires alike. Our Fashion Jute Bags are useful and can store a huge number of materials in with at ease. The strength of the bags is also such that it can handle heavy weights as well as look classy in the process. There are many different shapes that are given to these jute bags so that it suits the requirement of one and all. Many different colors are made use of to bring about the new trending fashion. Thus, ordering in bulk would assure you that you are getting a variety of patterns to resale if you have any retail outlet. The quality of the jute used in this bag is also high grade and the finishing is wonderful. Order our Fashion Jute Bags in bulk today!

  • Hand Printed Bags
    Hand Printed Bags

    How cool will it look if your jute bags are given a new personalised touch altogether? These jute bags with the hand printed or dot printed graphics look really nice and smart and give a classy appearance. HandCraft is a leader in supplying Hand Printed Jute Bags in bulk round the globe. Jute bags are very beautiful to look at and are even more affordable and useful than you think they are. These bags have a high strength and are made of good quality jute fibers.

    There are many different shapes, sizes, and designs available in these bags for you to choose from. The dot printed colors on the bags are strong and do not go off easily making the bag very durable. The bags retains their new look for a long period of time. The bags are classy and useful for carrying moderately heavy materials as well.

    HandCraft has been serving its customers well all through the years and there is no compromise with the quality of the material in use. These bags are available in bulk quantities at really affordable prices. Mostly animals, trees, flowers and cartoon characters are depicted in these hand printed bags along with some geometric designs as well.

  • Fancy Handbags
    Fancy Handbags