Natural Fragrance Oils 

Our handmade natural perfume body oils are premium fragrance products to present divine fragrance in oil form. All these perfume oils are natural flower & herb extracts blended in natural carrier oils. Comfortable glass stick inside the bottle makes it easy for daily use. These are pure natural products with no synthetics and alcohol added. The bottle is easy to carry and use anywhere. These oils are to be applied directly on body to keep fresh, pleasant fragrance surrounding us. All fragrances are ecstatic and long lasting.

The Attars or Perfume Oils we offer, are crafted and blended by a Master Traditional Attar House Distiller, a man with impeccable reputation. Attar making is a centuries-old process, often a family tradition, they are crafted with pride. Classic Attars are simple, subtle compositions with few ingredients. These natural perfume oils are a blend of dozens of resins, grasses, herbs, spices, flowers and woods, giving a complex, incense-like aroma. Authentic Attars or oils are always in a base of pure sandalwood oil.  Each Attar is presented with a vibrational description to impart the energetic “teaching story” that in ancient times was deemed necessary knowledge in the wearing of scents as talisman.

Ingredient List: Sandal Powder, Sandal Oil, Floral Extracts, Herb Extracts, Spice Extracts and Natural Aroma Oils. 

Experience our 100% safe, natural, handmade body fragrances in oil form! MOQ [Minimum Order Quantity] can be mixed order with our other fragrance products.