Handmade Natural Perfumed Powder - 6 Grams
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Natural Perfume Body Powder

With a perfect blend of nature gifted Sandal Oil, Sandal Powder and Indian ecstatic herbs and floral extracts, this powder is so unique to fill your hearts with joy and romance. This hand blended natural perfume being in powder form, very easy to apply and will not give any suffocation as sprays. With its divine and spiritual fragrance it gives mental peace and relaxation from stress.

Unlike artificial perfumes this natural handmade powder doesn't cause any irritation. The herbal nature of this powder resists body odor causing germs in the skin. Modern deodorants mostly reduces the process of sweating which is very harmful to skin but this natural powder only prevents the cause of the body odor hence keeps the skin in its natural state and fills with fresh and pleasant fragrance.

Artificial perfumes give a blast of fragrance when applied but they evaporate very soon to no effect, this handmade product being in a powder form stays with the skin and lasts much long for a whole day. HandCraft's hand blended powder is not only a natural body fragrance but a safe herbal remedy to body odor.

Packing: 6 grams

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Weight of Product 6 grams

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Reviews (2)

Zola Spud


I bought this as a gift for my mum and I didn't open it to have a look (it's smelt great from the outside) when she opened it we were both very impressed with fragrance, packaged wonderfully. I think I will treat my self next, thank you

Debbie Berebichez


I've just recently ordered this natural perfume powder pack online. Just opening the pack was like sticking my nose into a fairy tale forest! Most commercial perfumes just started smelling obnoxiously chemical(the few I can still tolerate I spritz and then walk briskly through to avoid too strong a scent), so to keep enjoying perfume a switch was in order. It is a natural uplifting fragrance which feels lovely to wear. Such a beautiful perfume powder, I use it everyday and it lasts forever. It doesn't give me a headache like conventional perfume used to which is a great plus.

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